The onsatmail satellite e-mail service provides reliable internet e-mail over mobile satellite phones such as Iridium, Inmarsat's Mini-M and Inmarsat B terminals, Globalstar and Thuraya. In addition onsatmail will connect over pay-per-byte systems such as Inmarsat's MPDS and BGAN service and standard Internet links.

Onsatmail uses a specialised data transfer protocol which addresses the low bandwidth, high latency connections typically found in satellite phone data connections. This error tolerant protocol coupled with mail batching, compression and advanced spam filtering provides users with a powerful, easy to use e-mail solution for at sea, in the airport, or at the office.

Onsatmail offers Personal (single-user) and SOHO (multi-user) accounts.

Onsatmail is powered by UUPlus in partnership with Applied Satellite Technology.